Quality Manager

Provide leadership and quality support within the manufacturing facility. Successfully organize and manage all activities required to ensure that the corporate quality system is implemented, maintained, and continuously improved at all levels. These activities include quality planning, training, team development, system auditing, root cause analysis/corrective action implementation, ensuring adherence to customer requirements and meeting cost of quality goals.
Key Accountabilities
People: Identify, retain and develop human capital as it relates to ICREATe. Effectively communicate and facilitate across the organization the benefits of quality and how it relates to the human capital and business goals.
Quality: Develop, implement and drive resolutions of quality issues ensuring future stability of products. Proactively utilize data to minimize the cost of poor quality.
Operations/Systems Manage, lead and maintain the administration of quality systems to ensure compliance to meet quality standards and other special requirements while adhering to Core Values, Safety, & Operational Standards.
Communication: Proactively Meet or exceed customer quality expectations as measured by the customer while fostering strong internal and external relationships. Promote rapid response time as it relates to 24/7 operations.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Develop company wide strategic Quality initiatives and staffing plan to support activities in all locations
Organize, implement, and manage all activities to maintain compliance TS-16949
Maintain appropriate staffing levels to ensure efficient operations at established quality performance levels
Determine, analyze, and evaluate factors which contribute to the control and improvement (both internally and with suppliers) of product quality
Communicate with suppliers and affiliates as needed to resolve issues to enhance the quality of products and services
Administer and maintain the cost of the quality system. Analyze the data generated within the system with the ultimate responsibility to make improvement recommendations for the overall goal of reducing costs
Develop quality metrics that ensure quality goals are met. Improve process control through improved process capability and error-proofing
Conduct internal audits of quality systems and direct continuous improvement. Lead cross functional problem solving activities
Establish/maintain continuous improvement processes that eliminate waste
Participate in and conduct regularly scheduled company meetings for representation, promotion and betterment of quality
Participate in the product design review process and support APQP activities
Develop quality related training programs and provide appropriate training to team members (to include problem solving training)

Don't Be Fooled

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